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Notice - withdrawal and recall of a product from the market

We hereby inform you that as a precaution we are withdrawing and recalling the following product from the market:

Product name: Canned tuna, Rio Mare – Tuna in olive oil, 80 gr – packaging 2x80
Product type / category - Fish and fish products
Label: expiration date 31/12/2025; LOT no. L21127
Country of origin: Italy
Producer: BOLTON FOOD S.P.A., Via L. Einaudi 18/22, Italy
Supplier in Croatia: Bolton Croatia d.o.o., Šarengradska 9, Croatia
Recipient in Croatia: Orbico d.o.o.

The product is withdrawn and recalled from the market due to suspicion of the presence of a foreign body in the form of pieces of metal.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but it is in our interest that all products we place on the market comply with the highest criteria of quality and health safety.
The notice applies only to the above-described product.

In Zagreb, August 3, 2021
ORBICO d.o.o.

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