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Notice - withdrawal and recall of a product from the market

We hereby inform you that as a precaution we are withdrawing and recalling the following product from the market:

Product name: Canned tuna, Rio Mare – Tuna in olive oil, 80 gr – packaging 2x80 Product type / category - Fish and fish products Label: expiration date 31/12/2025; LOT no. L21127 Country of origin: Italy Producer: BOLTON FOOD S.P...

Orbico Adriatic Wines

According to the long-term vision and incredibile passion of Mr. Branko Roglić, the owner of Orbico group, we strated with export of wine from the Adriatic region, as part of the Orbico Adriatic Wines project. OAW with the new website presents excellent wines from the Adriatic region.

The performance strategy defines the Adriatic region...

Project ProLog

Orbico d.o.o. participates in a truly innovative project in the field of logistics and education of young people. Top logistics companies from the private sector that have the most experience of the logistics and the Faculty of transport and traffic sciences have achieved cooperation in developing occupational standards that include competencies and knowledge needed in the market...

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